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We are Brand Pride, a certified, woman-owned, branded solutions company. For over 40 years we’ve guided hundreds of brands on their quest for the best branded merchandise to achieve their goals while building brand loyalty. And we want to do it for you.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, sports organization, university, or non-profit, we can help you make your mark matter with high-quality, cutting-edge promotional items that will turn heads while turning your audience into full-fledged brand advocates. Advocates that won't just like your page and wear your logo but will tell their friends and their friends' friends all about you. Because we provide more than just custom promotional items; we give strategic advice on the best items for your target audience. When you do business with us, you are also showing the world that your brand is not just incredible, it's inclusive.


Turning heads for over 40 years.


What started out as a small, home-based business 40+ years ago is now a bustling seven-figure operation with clients of all sizes all over the country. Below are some of the brands we’ve helped.




Like it. Love it. Label it.

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The Brand|Pride team was a seamless and delightful partnership. They were organized, efficient, fun and collaborative.


You all rocked it! I needed it in a hurry, and you delivered, and the product was great!

American Airlines

I have worked with Brand|Pride on multiple projects and they are always my first phone call when I need something. I am always amazed at the quick turnaround time and the quality of the products. The team is incredible to work with!

Bristol-Myers Squibb

The team at Brand|Pride is fantastic! From the estimated timeline to the completed project, everything went smoothly without any hiccups! And the finished product was perfect! Thank you Brand|Pride

City of Seattle

As someone who wears many hats, having someone who could help with sourcing, price comparisons and offer research on eco-friendly and ethically sourced options was a huge help! Thanks, Brand|Pride.

TomBoy X

You guys are the best! You worked with me last minute and made every effort to accommodate my wishes and all the changes. I was so afraid we weren’t going to make the deadline, but you guys pulled through and made it happen. Thank you!


We were happy to bring Brand|Pride on as a supplier in 2018 to help us provide amazing swag for our Pride events across the nation as well as internal employee events and for some recruiting tables at other events. We wanted to partner with a company that was owned and operated by a diverse group of people who were proud of their brand and their inclusivity. Brand|Pride provided services that were top notch by being super friendly and timely with any request to meet and were often able to deliver product much faster than promised. Going into 2019 we are excited to expand our partnership with Brand|Pride to offer more compelling swag for our Pride events across the nation!


Great experience working with the team. You responded quickly and we got the order in, processed and arrived in plenty of time before the event. Very happy with the service!