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© 2019 Brand|Pride

© 2019 Brand|Pride


The LGBT community represents $917 billion in buying power.(1) We are dual-income/no kids homeowners and parents who scoop up kids’ clothing, toys and video games. Serial house flippers and TV watchers. Global adventure seekers and business travelers. Entrepreneurs, shoppers and tech geeks. We buy tires, groceries and laundry detergent. We invest. And we go to Pride events.

The total buying power of the US gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender adult population is estimated at $917 billion. (Witeck Communications and Packaged Facts. 2016)

The US LGBT travel market is estimated at $84.5 billion, that is 10% of the total US travel industry...


Every June, people around the U.S. and the world gather to celebrate Gay Pride Month. What began as a form of political protest has grown to encompass an entire movement. Today, Gay Pride activities are perhaps most closely associated with lively, colorful parades that celebrate diversity in all its forms, with major corporations like Target and Comcast joining the party.