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© 2019 Brand|Pride

© 2019 Brand|Pride

Why PRIDE? It’s the smart thing to do

The LGBT community represents $917 billion in buying power.(1) We are dual-income/no kids homeowners and parents who scoop up kids’ clothing, toys and video games. Serial house flippers and TV watchers. Global adventure seekers and business travelers. Entrepreneurs, shoppers and tech geeks. We buy tires, groceries and laundry detergent. We invest. And we go to Pride events.

The LGBT community represents $917 billion

in buying power.

Why PRIDE? It’s the right thing to do

About 105 U.S. cities hosted Pride in 2017,(2) and 63% of LGBT Americans said they would or did attend their hometown event—a one-year jump of 34%.(3) At Pride, your company can reach the LGBT consumer where we are, celebrating who we are, surrounded by friends, family and companies that support us.

LGBT inclusion gives you a competitive advantage. Nearly a third of Fortune 500 companies4 recognize the opportunity. They know that LGBT consumers are 75% more likely to purchase goods and services from brands that demonstrate inclusion,(4) and that corporate Pride participants always see an uptick in LGBT job applicants after an event.

New York City police raided the Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969. Raids of gay clubs were common at that time, but that night patrons resisted. One year later, the Stonewall riots were commemorated with the Christopher Street Liberation March, now known as the first Pride event.

Even as the struggle for LGBT civil rights and equal opportunity continues, we pause to celebrate who we are at Pride. The 2016 New York City parade drew 30,000 marchers, 2 million spectators—and 56 corporate sponsors, including Target and Walmart.(5) Some 50 years after Stonewall, Pride continues to grow with festivals, parades and concerts around the world.

World Pride and the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall are in New York City, June 2019. How will you celebrate this historic occasion? Let Brand|Pride help. Your intent will be clear when you engage the award-winning, LGBT-owned and NGLCC-certified businesses of Brand|Pride. Your event will be easy, fun and efficient, a Pride experience you’ll be proud of.

No one reaches LGBT consumers like

LGBT-owned businesses

In 2017, American lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender consumer spending rose 3.7% to $917 billion.(6) The value of jobs, tax revenues and profits created by the estimated 1.4 million American LGBT business owners brings the LGBT community’s contribution to the U.S. economy to over $1.7 trillion.(7)

Is corporate support of LGBT equality more important than ever?

88% said YES.

LGBT businesses: reliable, successful, certified

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) is the exclusive, national, third-party certifying body for LGBT Business Enterprises® (LGBTBEs®). Their 2016 “America’s LGBT Economy Report” states:

  • The average LGBTBE has been in business at least 12 years, far beyond the five-year lifespan of most start-up businesses.

  • LGBTBEs average revenue of $2,475,642. The Small Business Administration reports that the average American business generates just over $1.1 million in sales.

  • Over 900 certified LGBTBEs have created more than 33,000 U.S. jobs. 

Will companies that support LGBT equality get more of your business?

77% said YES.(8)

LGBT businesses benefit your supplier diversity program and your bottom line

Including LGBTBEs also strengthens diversity efforts by drawing in more people of color, more women, more people with disabilities, and more Veterans. That’s why over one third of Fortune 500 companies have made certified LGBTBEs part of their supplier diversity programs.(9) In addition, working with LGBT suppliers is now required to achieve a top score on the coveted Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. Bottom line: more suppliers means more competition—and greater savings.

If you can buy it, an LGBT vendor can supply it.

— National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Take PRIDE in a fair and just U.S. economy

A market is not free without full participation. Discrimination is wrong. It’s inefficient. Intentional inclusion efforts are essential for underutilized diverse communities to gain access to business opportunities. When all citizens can fully engage in building equity, creating jobs and sustaining financial stability, our economy will demonstrate its true power and fulfill its promise.


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